Guidelines for Authors


  • The paper submitted for publication should contain original, unpublished material. It must be submitted through online through our website.
  • After online submission of papers, all correspondence will be made through or
  • A certificate to the effect that paper in question has neither been submitted to nor published in any other periodical will be furnished by the author while sending the paper first time to Journal of Agricultural Research. However, if author intends to withdraw the paper he can do so within fortnight of its submission.
  • The paper shall be published in Journal on the entire responsibility of authors.
  • The paper must be in simple English and neatly typewritten on double space. If some vernacular term is unavoidable its English equivalent must be given in parenthesis. Abbreviations and acronyms should be spelled out when used for the first time.
  • Besides research paper, reviews on important disciplines of agricultural research will be accepted for publication if found suitable by referee(s).
  • Paper must contain study year. Studies more than 3-4 years old are not entertained.
  • In case of study conducted in any research organization, it must route through Head of Institute/Section/Division. However, paper may be sent by major author/co-author himself in case of his M.Sc./Ph.D. thesis.


The material in the manuscript should be arranged in following order:


The title should be concise and appropriately informative and should include most of the keywords to facilitate documentation.

Name(s) of Author(s)

Should be given at the base of front page of manuscript along with complete address of each author. If there is a change in address of author/co-author after submission, it must be communicated. However, the authorship communicated first time cannot be changed.


Abstract should contain study year(s), place of study, brief methodology and principal findings with data. Unnecessary details should be avoided. Acronyms, abbreviations and references should not be included in the abstract. Too lengthy abstracts are not encouraged.


Introduction should give immediate importance while reporting the research. Verbose language and things remotely related to research work should be avoided. Latest literature must be reviewed in this section. While reviewing the findings of earlier research workers, name of worker(s) be given with S.No. in references section. Objective of study must be given at the end of introduction section.

Materials and Methods

The study year, place of experiment, methodology employed and materials used be given in this section. If an already described method is employed, reference to the method should be given. The statistical methods for data analysis should also be mentioned.

Results and Discussion

  • Results and discussion are to be given under one heading instead of mentioning them separately.
  • If results are reported in tabulated form, the tables should be given brief title. Lettering e.g., a, b, c, etc. should be employed to mark statistical significance. At the base of tables, level of statistical significance and method applied should be clearly mentioned.
  • The results of study must be compared with findings of earlier scientists reviewed in introduction section and/or included in references section.
  • While reporting results, only units related to metric system and symbols prescribed by International System of Units are to be employed.


Acknowledgement to an individual or organization who helped/assisted in carrying out the work may be added, if so desired.


References should be alphabetically arranged according to first author's name and properly numbered 1, 2, 3 and so on. The following order should be observed while writing a reference: (a) Author(s), (b) Year of Publication, (c) Title of Article, (d) Abbreviated name of Journal, (e) Volume and Issue Number, (f) Pages for example: Shabbir, G., N.H.Ahmad, Z.Akram and M.I.Tabassum. 2011. Genetic Behaviour and Analysis of some Yield Traits in Wheat (Triticum Aestivum L.) Genotypes. J. Agric. Res. 49(1):1-9.

About Illustrations

Good quality black and white or coloured photographs, may be included. Photographs, graphs and drawings should be numbered/captioned properly. The Journal is compiled & printed at Research Information Unit of Directorate of Agricultural Information, AARI Campus, Jhang Road, Faisalabad.