Publication of JAR started on yearly basis during 1963 under the name of West Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Research by the Bureau of Agricultural Information (Publication Wing of Agriculture Department) It was renamed as Journal of Agricultural Research after separation of East Pakistan in 1971. Its compilation and printing continued in the Bureau at Lahore until the creation of Research Information Unit at Faisalabad under the umbrella of Directorate of Agricultural Information in 1980; it was then that the compilation work of JAR was shifted to this unit. After installation of printing press at Faisalabad in 1985, the printing of JAR started here. Since then the Journal is being edited, compiled and printed at Research Information Unit, Faisalabad.

JAR has witnessed various improvements in its design, contents and format over a period of time. The present title, with its unique design, started in 2012. With the intervention of information technology computer system provided with printing facilities by the government, printing quality and contents of JAR have improved tremendously.

Initially the Board of Editors comprised all Director Generals of Agriculture Department as members, with Secretary Agriculture as its Chairman and Director Agricultural Information as Secretary of the Board. Later on in 1994, all scientists emeritus of Punjab included as members in the light of decision made by the Board of Editors. In 1998, names of other renowned scientists like Professor (Retd.) Dr. Sardar Riaz A. Khan and Dr. Altaf Hussain, Director General Agriculture (Res.) (Retd.) were also included as members.

JAR started as a quarterly publication but its frequency was made bimonthly during 1994 to 1997 on the directive of Board of Editors. The objective of this change was to clear the backlog and in-time inclusion of piled-up accepted papers. However, the frequency of JAR was again reverted to quarterly in 1998, on the request of deputy director research and information, so as to enhance its quality and meet timely processing and printing targets.

Previously, the number of papers included in one issue of JAR varied from issue to issue ranging from 7, 8,14 and 15 according to availability of the stock of papers accepted by referees. However in 1994, it was decided by the Board of Editors that every single issue of JAR should consist of 100-120 pages or 10-12 research papers.

The JAR website was launched on May 28, 2007 where all issues of journal are uploaded regularly. Similarly, online receiving of research articles to be published also started from January 2014. In 2007, the Higher Education Commission Pakistan recognized JAR and placed in 'Y' category. JAR is under evaluation process for grant of Impact Factor by Thomson Reutors, USA. Hopefully, Impact Factor will be given to JAR in near future.