JAR Policy

Journal of Agricultural Research (JAR) is being regularly published by Directorate of Agricultural Information Punjab on quarterly basis. It is compiled and printed by Research Information Unit, sub-office of Directorate of Agricultural Information Punjab located in Faisalabad. It reports the latest research being carried out at Ayub Agricultural Research Institute (AARI), Nuclear Institute for Agriculture and Biology (NIAB), National Institute for Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering (NIBGE), National Agricultural Research Centre (NARC), University of Agriculture Faisalabad (UAF) and other agricultural research institutions in the country. Research scientists of other countries also contribute their research papers to JAR.

Salient features of the policy are given below:

Period of Study/Data Period

The studies having more than three years old data are not entertained for publishing so as to keep the contents fresh.

Processing Fee

No paper processing fee is charged from the authors. However, it is obligatory for the all authors to subscribe JAR by paying compulsory subscription of Rs 600 per annum. In lien of this subscription, four issues of JAR are provided to author to each author.

Plagiarism Checking

The plagiarism of research papers is checked through “Turnitin” anti-plagiarism software and those having similarity index of more than 19 percent are not acceptable for publication. However, the student research papers derived form their own thesis are exempted of their similarity with student source.

Processing of Papers

The papers are received online and scrutinized by the experienced subject specialists (referees) working in different research organizations of the country to assess the technical worth of the papers. Research papers are accepted for publishing only after getting final opinion from the referees about suitability of research papers for publishing. Authors are informed about acceptance through letters.

Honorarium to Referees

The referees are granted honorarium for vetting of research paper as approved by HEC.